Dogma Blue: officially presents the cover of "Quietus"

Dogma Blue has officially present the cover of his first studio album " Quietus". Awaited with some anxiety for who knows and follows the work of this new name Heavy Metal Brazilian , registration is now fully recorded, produced and mastered.

Before informing the public the official release date of "Quietus", Dogma Blue reveals the artistic design of the details of the cover and some nuances that have been references to this creation.

Art is signed by renowned designer Jean Michel , it is directly responsible for the "Designations Artwork" and has already drawn gear to established names like Metal Church, Michael Sweet of Stryper, Lynch Mob, Roxanne, Vixen, Keep of Kalessin, KXM band musicians of Dokken, Korn and King's X, Projected band of musicians from Alter Bridge, Sevendust and Tremonti, John Corab i ex -Motley Crue.

Using the concept of duality, the art of " Quietus" , meets with the struggle between " Life vs Death ". This issue as well as cover illustration is the structural basis of the letter that gives name to the album. But the band points out that issues such as wars, destruction, evil religion, are represented subtle way on the cover of the EP.

All the songs that will be present in the studio material, have direct or indirect links with art created, the intention is to approach artistically, the whole concept written for each of the 05 songs that will be available on the album. Soon more details will be revealed by Dogma Blue!

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