Greboggy / Kolb / Paes / Prevedello / Ribeiro

This is the story of our life

Ghosts are still singing

and animals are breathing

The blood still pulses, inside


I look them in the eyes

the birds are gone from the sky

the wind blows in silence

all the blades are shining… is divine


Wait, wait, to bring glory

say, say, a new story

Burn, burn, until all disappears

don’t forget, the bodies are on the ground


this is the story of our death

in sky the vultures are flying

the scent spreads in the valley

it’s just dissolution… outside


Tell me where is the breath

the river became red

it’s a sign of extinction

or natural selection? ... is divine


Wait, wait, where is the glory

Say, say, is a purgatory?

Burn, burn, all disappears…

don’t forget, the bodies still on the ground


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